Monday, July 29, 2013


 I thought I'd share some pictures of the glass bottle wall that we built last summer at my Mom's house, outside of town. We built the wall around an outdoor shower ( really just an elevated stock tank with a faucet head :) in practice for the house we're planning in Peru. We were inspired by the EarthShip houses here in New Mexico, built completely out of recycled materials. And the end result was even prettier than I imagined!

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Alexis scoured the city recycling center for the prettiest bottles--and found some awesome ones. My favorite are the square aquamarine bottles-- some sort of tequila, if I remember correctly. 


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The process took longer than we expected-- it's pretty labor intensive to carefully mold cement around each bottle, but the blazing summer sun sped things up by drying the cement super fast. And, aside from a few bags of cement, it was free! 

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I love how the sun illuminates the glass- they light up so magically. 

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I would love to create an outdoor shower out of bottles in our future house in Peru (although there isn't the variety of colored glass that we have here.) Can you imagine showering outdoors, in a sea of colored light, and looking out at the ocean??


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