Saturday, June 29, 2013

Embracing the chaos

For being an artsy gal, I'm actually pretty Type A when it comes to order and organization. Aside from my creative work space, I've always kept my house (or hostel room, or tent, or dorm....) neat and tidy. I generally need everything in its place in order to enter my creative zone-- a controlled environment to balance the wild, chaotic nature of my art.

Enter motherhood. Having a baby took my Type A-ness for a wild ride. Not only did I have less to time to clean and tidy, I had a new little creature who left a trail of chaos wherever he went.

For the first two years of Tai's life, I didn't really create art. I made some jewelry here and there for our Etsy shop but I didn't have the time nor energy to really give myself to the process.

Now that the little bean is 3 (!!) and a bit more independent (not nursing around the clock), I find that the creative well within me has begun to overflow again. My spirit is electrified with a desire to create.

And yet, my need for order keeps me running around, cleaning and tidying, until the day is over and I've lost my chance to make art. I think to myself, "I'll just do the dishes and hang the laundry, and then I'll paint..." but as soon as I finish one task, another corner of chaos catches my eye.
This is my desk. Aaah!

So....I am putting an end to this madness. I am challenging myself to embrace the chaos, to accept the fact that my house will be littered with toy cars and stray puzzle pieces, that my sink will constantly be filled with dishes, and my hamper overflowing with dirty clothes. I'm forcing my Type-A self to lighten up a bit-- to discover that, in the midst of this wild mess, I can make beautiful, satisfying, soul-soothing art.....and the dishes can wait.

How do you make peace with the chaos in your life?

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