Thursday, June 27, 2013

Banana Trees and Monster Vines

We spent last weekend up at my best friend's house in Taos-- catching up, cooling off, and enjoying some much needed soul sister time.  Rosie's house is so inviting and bright-- it feels like a burst of fresh air when you walk in the door.

I love how many plants there are, all over the house- a banana plant in the corner and huge, gorgeous vines wrapping their way around the room. We've tried to nurture a few hanging  plants in our home, but after three years, they still look scraggly and out of place. 

I left feeling very motivated to do some redecorating in our home. I've never put much time or money into decorating but I'm beginning to realize what a huge difference it makes to have a space that you enjoy living in. 

The hubby and I have a date to hit the thrift store this weekend-- hopefully we can find some cheerful pieces to breathe new life into our tiny house 

Don't you love this little corner table!? 

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