Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We've been officially moved into our new house for two weeks now, and yet things still haven't slowed down in the way I hoped they would. I haven't had time to really "nest"-- we're no longer living out of packing boxes, but I still have a long list of little projects and things that need organizing.

That being said, I loooove our new house. It's actually not new at all-- it was the house I grew up in, so it feels very much like coming home. I love that Tai and I will share some of the same experiences growing up here. He sleeps in my childhood bedroom and takes baths in the huge tub where I used to float my rubber duckies. 

My mom bought this house 30 years ago, and then she and my dad remodeled it after we were born. When I was a kid, I always dreamed of living in a pitched roof house with a white picket fence, but now, I love and appreciate how unique this house is. The soft, rounded, adobe walls make me feels so cozy and the ceilings here are really works of art. The house feels like it's an extension of the land outside-- earthy, organic, and warm. 
We're so close to nature here-- it's a nice change from the sound of car horns and sirens that were constantly in the background at our old house. A hiking trail is just outside our back door and the backyard gives Tai plenty of room for exploring and having wild adventures. 

Being closer to the mountains means it's a bit chillier here, but we've been having fires almost every night. 

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