Monday, August 12, 2013


One of my favorite moments of the day is just after I put Tai to bed. I curl up (as best as I can in my office chair...) with a cup of tea and catch up on my favorite blogs. It's a time I treasure-- one of connecting with women from different places and paths- sharing their stories and letting their wisdom and experiences inspire and ignite me.

When I started a blog for our Etsy shop, I never expected to tune into such a vibrant community of creative, wise, powerful women out in the cybersphere. It's so inspiring to follow these ladies on their journeys.

Marissa Moondaughter
This is a wonderful blog, packed soulful musings on the mama moon. I especially love the section on crystal healing-- so interesting!

I always head over to this gorgeous blog when I need a hit of inspiration. I love Zoe's style and she always has the very best pictures-- she's like super-curator of all things awesome and boho.

I stumbled upon FaeSoul's blog a few weeks ago and it immediately sucked me in. I spent the better part of the morning reading through the archives of this beautiful soul journey.

I've been following The Organic Sister on Twitter for awhile now-- her unconventional life is so inspiring to me and her tidbits of soul wisdom keep me grounded and tuned in. Her post on the twelve reasons every woman needs a tribe is one that every woman should read-- so true and beautiful!!

What are your favorite *soulful* blogs?

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