Monday, July 15, 2013


This weekend we took a little road trip up North, to my family's cabin outside of Telluride, CO. The drive took us through one of my favorite parts of New Mexico. Vast expanses of red desert stretch out on all sides, with the most incredible rock structures standing guard.

I feel such a strong connection to this desert land-- as though I am part of it, I belong to it. It's comforting to feel so at home here-- after many years of traveling in search of "exotic" new places, I can finally see the incredible beauty that rests in my own backyard. 

We camped outside, next to my family's ancient mining cabin (which provided a lovely refuge from chilly rain showers.) Tai was in love with the tent and spent hours jumping around on the air mattress and rolling himself up in a pile of sleeping bags. Alexis and I gazed out the window at the breathtaking view of the mountain and enjoyed the sweet family time. (Our awesome tent came from the dumpster outside of REI after one of their Scratch 'n Dent sales-- huge score!!)

Our days were deliciously long-- a lovely mix of hiking and exploring, and waiting out the chilly mountain rains around cups of coffee and stories by the woodstove. 

I took all my art supplies with the plan of turning out some new headbands and paintings, but the mountains and downtime with family were too enticing to resist. Instead of being productive and creative, I simply soaked up the fresh air and hours of cuddle time in our tent. Now, back to work! :)

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