Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm in love with our town in the summer-- it's warm, colorful, and full of life. I find that my chronic wanderlust disappears between June and September. I'm content being here, being home. 

I've been snapping lots of shots on our walks around the neighborhood. It's a funny little corner of downtown Santa Fe that straddles the line between upscale and sketchy. We fit right in :).

I love this mural at the park near our house. The text reads "Nuestro Barrio Querido..Aztlan." (Our beloved neighborhood...Aztlan.) There are usually a few guys sprawled out in the shade, sipping drinks from bags. Street art and character...gotta love it. 

Windows at the one of the churches in town. So beautiful. 

Far away scenes, so close to home. 

A private oasis at the rock sculpture gallery next door. 

Boho Blog
The virgin of Guadalupe, painted on an adobe wall. I love discovering new ones. 

Little bean in front of another mural in our neighborhood. How blessed we are to live in such an artful, creative city. 

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A gate in our neighborhood-- next to a junk yard guarded by pitbulls. We keep it real down here. :)

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More mural art. 

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