Monday, May 9, 2016

Growing & Glowing Pregnancy Ecourse

After many moons of work, I'm so happy to announce that the Growing & Glowing Pregnancy Ecourse is now open for enrollment! Created by myself, Stepha Lawson (@doulascienceandsoul) and Genevieve Slonim (, this course is truly a heart offering.

Packed with soul wisdom from our two doulas, plus engaging journaling prompts, printable playsheets, creative art activities, guided audio meditations, and a relaxing prenatal yoga class, this self-paced E-course will keep you excited and engaged.

This course was created to celebrate you on your journey to motherhood and help you get in touch with your own strength and power and wild potency.
Whether you’re planning to give birth at a hospital, birth center, or at home (or if you’re unsure!) you will find relevant information and activities here that will prepare you for your journey to motherhood.
Pregnancy is a time of deep radical change and transformation. Cross-culturally, many social groups do not consider a girl a woman until after she has given birth. As you begin to shed your identity of “maiden” and move into the role of “mother” you begin to experience that sincere force to become someone completely new. Graced by the significant and fierce capacity to merge into the being the woman you have always envisioned. 

You have a chance to examine old baggage, beliefs and values you are holding onto and unravel how they are helping you or not. You have a chance to let go of those that cease to serve.

Preparing for birth and motherhood often brings us face to face with deep and heavy fears. If we face these fears with mindfulness and awareness, learn to work with fear as a trusted ally, we can use them to illuminate our path and to make us stronger mothers. 
We all experience pregnancy in different ways, and each pregnancy can vary.  You may be over the moon with joy and excitement, or you may be anxious and have mixed feelings about the big changes ahead. Your pregnancy may have been planned and much awaited, or it may have been a complete (and overwhelming!) surprise. This may be your first baby, or it may be your fifth. 
We can't wait to hear your feedback and support you through this course! You can share your journey with us by tagging @spiritysol @doulascienceandsoul and @genevieve love and using the tag #growingandglowing 

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