Friday, July 17, 2015


Tai and I always collect cool rocks while we're out on walks, so I have a big collection of beautiful river stones lying around. Today I got inspired to paint them as "birthing stones". At my blessingway, I was given a beautiful piece of jade that I kept with me through the end of my pregnancy. Every time I felt worried or anxious, I would hold the stone in my hand and rub my is smooth surface. Something about the gentle weight of the stone in my fist was very soothing-- I felt grounded and connected to the earth when I held it. 

Each of these stones was created to do the same---center, ground, and connect you with the earth and with your inner power. They make great meditation stones throughout pregnancy and fit perfectly in your fist to grip during labor (and give your partner's hand a break!) Each stone is one of a kind with a unique handpainted image of a birthing goddess and a powerful mantra on the back. And as I painted each, I sent thoughts for peaceful and powerful labors to the mamas who will hold them in their hands. 

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