Tuesday, December 9, 2014


My newest creation-- <<TEN MOONS~ a meditation journal for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum>> has been birthed and is now available for preorder through our Etsy shop! It's so exciting to finally hold this journal in my hand, after many months of dreaming and creating it. 

This journal is a collaboration with Sandra Maurer from Whole Beginnings and was created from our desire to provide inspiration and soulful guidance to women during their motherhood journey. While carrying my boys in my belly, I felt more in tune with my inner self and spirit than at any other point in my life. I found myself journaling and drawing frequently- recording my thoughts and the changes my body was experiencing. Shortly after Koa was born, I began dreaming about creating a journal for other women-- space and inspiration to dive into the journey of pregnancy on a deeper level. And so, Ten Moons was born!!

This softcover journal features 100 pages of inspiration. Inside you will find:
-writing prompts to encourage your exploration 
-powerful mantras to connect you to your inner strength
-blank pages to record all of your thoughts and feelings
-coloring pages to release your creativity
-guided meditations to help you journey within
-and inspiring images to fill you with joy

ten moons meditation journal for pregnancy birth and postpartum

The journal features three guided meditations to help cultivate peace during your pregnancy. 

There are three coloring pages throughout the journal, for fun, creative meditation,

I've included some of my favorite paintings throughout the journal, to reflect the beauty of the pregnant and birthing form-- and remind you that you are a beautiful goddess!

Each page features a powerful mantra to connect you with your inner strength. 

Special pages throughout the journal help you create a birth plan, make preparations for the postpartum period, release fears/stories you have around birth, and record your birth story.

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