Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 After a long, wild day of final tweaks and editing (with a baby on my lap and an energetic four year old running circles around the dining room table), I finally sent the pregnancy journal off to the printer! I'm so excited to have a hard copy in my hand, and to be able to share it with the world.

In celebration of finally finishing this project, I wanted to share one of the guided meditations included in the journal--- and, another coloring page that you can print out!

Enjoy beautiful mamas!

beautiful pregnancy birth art printable coloring page spiritysol

                                                                      ~ Birth Meditation~

Find a quiet space and take a moment to get comfortable. Calm your mind and concentrate on taking deep, slow breaths. Place your hands over your belly and feel the energy of you baby inside.

As you inhale, feel your body filling with strength. Each breath centers you and connects you with the power at the core of your being. As you exhale, imagine your baby moving forward towards a bright, gentle light. The energy of your body is bringing your little one into the world. With each breath  in, you grow stronger and more centered. Letting go of your breaths, you release your fears and call your baby forward. Focus on the sensations in your body-- imagine any tension dissolving and flowing from your body as you breath out. Visualize your baby coming into the world surrounded by love.

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