Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Ever since our trip last fall to Moab, I've been dying to go back.  So last week, we put the roof tent on our car, packed up our stuff, and hit the road for a few days of adventure. Now that I'm six months pregnant, I know it might be awhile before we can do another road trip and this felt like a special farewell to our family of 3-- a honeymoon of sorts, before we welcome a new member into our tribe.

Moab was even more beautiful than I remember. The rock formations are breathtaking-- they seem like something from another planet-- a lost world. From there, we explored Canyonlands National Park, and finally Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ.

 Each place along our journey took my breath away. Like all the other tourists, I had my camera out most of the time, trying to capture the beauty and magic around me. And yet none of the pictures do justice to what I saw or felt. These lands vibrate with an ancient energy-- I feel closer to the earth here than I have in any other place I've been.

Rock formation Arches National Park

red rocks arches national park moab utah



My mom always said that while in labor, she envisioned her family's mountain cabin to help transport her to a peaceful place. I imagine that with this birth, I'll call to mind visions of red rocks, rising above fields of sagebrush, and glowing canyons, awash in light.

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