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I write this from our adobe house in the chilly mountains of NM, although in my mind, I'm still soaking up the 90 degree sunshine on the beach in Los Organos, Peru. We just got back after three weeks in Peru and my mind and body are still struggling to adjust to the cold temperatures and the accelerated rhythm of my life here.

Our trip to Peru was much shorter this year than usual-- three quick weeks of reconnecting with friends and family, stuffing ourselves with fresh sea food, soaking up the bright sun and turquoise sea, and releasing months worth of stress.

Fall was a rough season for me this year. My body was of put through hell during early pregnancy and my spirit sank to a dark, jagged place. The holidays and the second trimester brought some relief and joy, but I still felt a tight ball of fear and stress wound tightly in my stomach. It wasn't until I stepped onto the sandy beach our first night in Peru that I began to feel myself relax and release.

Over the three weeks of our trip, I  let go of all of the stress and worry that had dug so tightly into my being.  My to-do list disappeared. I didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed--two sensations that had become constant companions back in the states. I lay on the beach and watched my growing boy splash in the waves with his cousin. I sat on the porch swing late into the evenings and chatted with friends and family about daily life and deep matters of the heart. We watched sea turtles swimming in the tide and collected treasures on our daily walks along the beach. True bliss.

The more relaxed I became, the deeper into myself I was able to go. My creativity had been in hiding for months-- buried by the sickness and overwhelming fatigue of the first trimester and the craziness of the holidays. But slowly, images began to swim in my head again and I watched as they revealed themselves to me on paper. As I sketched and meditated and soaked up the sun, a feeling of joy and optimism began to flow through me. Grounded in the present, I was finally able to tap into my deeper self again and to set intentions for the coming year.

Back in New Mexico, I'm finding myself struggling to maintain the peace and bliss I found on our trip. My to-do list is already much longer than I care to think about and my spirit is mourning the sense of connectedness I felt in Peru. I miss the meals shared with friends around an outdoor table, the evenings spent watching my little one playing with neighborhood kids, and the sense of comfort I got from living in a house packed with family. I'm homesick for our other home.

I take deep breaths and hold in my mind images of crashing waves, palm trees, and sunshine, and focus on bringing to life the intentions I've set for this coming year. We'll be back in Peru in 10 short months-- with a new baby and plans for building our dream home. Until then, I'll be sinking myself into work here-- into growing our business and creating the life of my dreams.  Here's to bliss and peace-- found in each precious moment.

~in love and light~

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