Friday, October 25, 2013


Fall and I have a love/ hate relationship.  I love the idea of fall-- I love browsing Pinterest for pumpkin hot cocoa recipes and cozy wool scarves and I love the colors that the leaves turn. But beyond that, I wish I could fast forward the months between August and April. Fall means cold. And winter follows fall. And winter and I are not friends...

I know I sound like Debby Downer. Everyone else is off tromping through leaf piles in knit sweaters and sexy boots, and I'm at home, under my covers, Googling tropical island vacations. Confessions: I don't like pumpkin pie. Or apple pie. And I'll take ice cold lemonade over cider any day. I'm a summer girl, through and through.

 I managed to avoid the cold almost entirely for nine years. For the first few, I was living in South America, and only came home for a few tolerable weeks of cold. And since moving to the States four years ago, we've escaped back to Peru every winter to escape the snow.

But this year, in hopes of saving some money to build our dream house, it looks like we'll be staying put. It will be the first time in almost a decade that I've been home for fall and winter.

What does that mean? It means that I'm going out and buying myself the warmest, coziest sweaters, and the snuggest, sexiest boots that exist. I'm stocking up on hot cocoa, and good books, and those cute little mittens that have the flap tops. It also means that there will probably be some grumpy posts between now and May, with lots of pictures of white sand beaches juxtaposed with images of me, drowning in layers of scarves and sweaters. Oh, fall......

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