Friday, August 16, 2013


boho traveler art print
The wanderlust I wrote about a few weeks back hasn't left me. If anything, it's getting stronger. I love summer here in New Mexico, but as it fades, I find myself instinctively looking to follow the sun. For years, Alexis and I bounced from one warm place to the next. When the cold or rainy season came near, we'd simply hop on a bus and head closer to the equator.

We chased the sun for five wonderful years. During that time, I didn't know seasons. We'd be high in the Andes one day and hundreds of miles away on a beach 24 hours later. I came home to the snow for a couple of weeks at Christmas-- just long enough to enjoy the holidays, not so long that I'd fall into my winter funk.

But now that we find ourselves more settled, my spirit is stirring for travel. Warmth. Colorful markets in cities far from here. It's a desire that borders on obsession-- I find myself locked to my laptop screen, willing myself into Pinterest photos of markets in India and Morocco, beaches in Colombia and Brazil.

 With the intensity of caring for an infant/baby, I escaped these feelings for the first two years of our "settling". But now that Tai is three and more independent, I feel the need to travel again. As we slowly build ourselves the American dream, my soul rebels against it. I fight between wanting security for my little family, and wanting freedom for my curious spirit. It's not a new fight for me...but it feels stronger now.

Back to Pinterest for me...I have some cyber travel to do. :)

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  1. I'm dreaming of Autumn. I am happiest in Autumn and Winter, though I do love Spring and Summer as well! I definitely have wanderlust, though. Jen (my wife) and I dream of bike camping. We have a bike each, we have our lovely little tent, sleeping rolls, sleeping bag each. We have nearly everything we need. ♥ I'm so excited. I hope you can travel soon, and see beauty all around you, and experience what your soul is desiring.