Saturday, August 24, 2013


"Warriorship is so tender, without skin, without tissue, naked and raw. It is soft and gentle.
You have renounced putting on a new suit of armor. You have renounced growing a thick, hard skin.
You are willing to expose naked flesh, bone, and marrow to the world.”

~ Chögyam Trungpa

belly dance art
"Sitara"- coming soon to our new Etsy shop.

This quote resonated so profoundly with me. For a few months now, I've felt myself sinking deeper into spirituality-- engaging with my soul and developing my "warriorhood." For me, this has meant questioning the thought patterns and stories that I've held tight to for the past few years. It has meant staying aware and open, and allowing myself to be vulnerable and raw. I've long confused vulnerability with weakness, but I'm coming to see it as one of the truest, strongest places we can operate from. I'm working at stripping off my armor, baring my heart-- scars and all-- and facing the world as a warrior of peace. 

Will you join me?

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