Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday letter to my baby boy

To my baby boy, on his third birthday.

Precious Tai-
three years ago today, here on this very bed, you took your first breath. Wrapped in afternoon peach-colored sunlight, we held onto one another. I soaked you up, studying every perfect curve of your tiny body. You took inventory of your new world, closed your deep brown eyes, and nursed your way back to dreamland.

I knew, on the day you were born, that my entire life had been leading me up to that moment. Each breath, each step, brought me closer to the day that I would finally meet you. Like a far away star, I felt you pulling me--- your energy reaching across lightyears and forcefields, coaxing me into motherhood a 24.

Now, you've made your journey around the sun three whole times. You are an expert at this game we call life. Full of lightning energy, you charge your way through the world-- speeding forward, stopping only for snuggles and bunny kisses.

Each day you surprise me with new wisdom and growth. You are ready to take on the world. And to the world, I say this: Watch out! A wild little being is headed your way. He is brave and kind and carries enough energy in his small body to power a country. Open your arms to him. Keep him safe, please. He is my heart, the joy of my world. He is my everything, and I thank you for sharing him with me.

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